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Industry News

by IUVA News

AquiSense Technologies, International Light Technologies to Collaborate

AquiSense Technologies is pleased to announce that it has entered into a technology collaboration agreement with International Light Technologies (ILT) whereby ILT sensors will be offered in combination with the AquiSense PearlBeam™, a bench-scale UV device for research applications.

New advancements in UV-C LEDs has led the way to the creation of collimated beam devices whereby researchers now can select multiple discrete UV-C wavelengths, which allows them greater precision in their research to better understand how microorganisms respond to UV light applications. In unison, as the precision of the wavelength emission increases, more advanced sensors are required to track emission data. ILT provides the needed sensor technology with a handheld light meter.

“AquiSense recognized that an entirely new tool was required to advance UV science to take advantage of the many benefits of UV-C LEDs” said Jim Cosman, business development director of AquiSense Technologies. “The PearlBeam was the first step in this process, and now the incorporation of International Light Technologies advanced sensors into this product offering is the next step in our quest to rapidly convert many disinfection applications from mercury containing UV lamps to more environmental sound UV-C LEDs.”

UV Sensors from sglux Certified for Pool Disinfection Systems in Accordance with NSF/ANSI 50

sglux GmbH and Boston Electronics announce sglux’ new generation of certified UV sensors for measuring the UV irradiance in UV disinfection systems for recreational water facilities in accordance with NSF/ANSI 50. To achieve NSF/ANSI 50 compliance, manufacturers of UV pool disinfection systems need a certified UV sensor to measure and control the UVC irradiance. sglux sensors have achieved the Austrian ÖNORM 5873 certification and are designed per the German DVGW W-294 standard. Both protocols fulfill the requirements as specified by NSF/ANSI 50.

To allow an easy integration in existing process control units, sensors can be configured with different output signals such as analog current (4-20 mA), voltage (0-5 V) signals or a digital signal (21 bit). Sensors are calibrated applying the microbicidal action spectrum. This calibration is traceable to the National Metrology Institute of Germany PTB.

In addition, sglux offers a variety of different UV sensor products for applications, such as UV cleaning systems for drinking fountains, private pools, waste air and air conditioners. All sglux UV-sensors utilize silicon-carbide (SiC) based photodiodes. SiC provides the unique property of extreme radiation hardness, long lifetime and reliability.

sglux is the premier developer and supplier of high performance, reliable SiC UV sensors, spectrometers, reference radiometer and PTB-certified calibration standards. Located in Berlin, Germany, sglux is ISO 9001 certified.

Boston Electronics provides electro-optical solutions including photodetectors, LEDs, tunable lasers, imaging arrays and photon counting detection, spanning the spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared. Boston Electronics distributes products from premier manufacturers worldwide.