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UV Industry News


ZED Produces Electronic Ballasts

ZED Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH, Langewiesen, Germany, one of the world’s leading ballast suppliers for the UV-C market, announced its entry into the production of electronic ballasts for medium pressure lamps. Over the last 20 years, ZED established the quasi standard in ballast design for UV-C lamps. The form factor and design of its standard ballasts can be found in the products of several competitors.

Beside standard lamp drivers, ZED developed a new ballast line with digital processing and communication interfaces. More detailed information concerning operating state and parameters, as well as enhanced controlling features, was possible. The ZED controllable and adjustable ballasts allow a comfortable integration into automated UV systems. UV lamp operation can be optimized to the conditions on site and permanently controlled via RS485 interface. Up to now, ZED was focused on lamp drivers for low-pressure and amalgam lamps. Starting in late 2016, ballasts for medium pressure lamp will join the line of ZED controllable and adjustable ballasts. For more details, email info@z-e-d.com.

MicroTek Unveils Improved Website

MicroTek Processes, Worcestershire, England, announced enhanced products and extended international development on its recently updated website. The improved website includes details of MicroTek’s standard range of UV systems and now incorporates media pages for current news, published materials and promotional brochures.

Also, after six months of trials, MicroTek rolled out a new product for the treatment of wastewater streams, its Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The system, designated MP7AOP, combines MicroTek UV, ultrasound and an ozone system, incorporating an H2O2 dosing unit. Another product, MicroTek’s MP5 closed vessel beverage system for treatment of beverages such as milk, orange juice, sugar syrup and other opaque liquids, has been further enhanced. The closed vessel system has been updated to ensure greater efficacy in product treatment, following extensive product trials. Company Develops UV Disinfection Systems – NPO ENT Company, St. Petersburg, Russia, has produced UV equipment for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces since 1991. Now the company has developed and produced UV systems for the disinfection of air and internal surfaces of accumulative tanks for drinking and technological waters, including those with no centralized water supply. The technology uses UV with wavelengths of 254, 185 nm and fans. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide in the water are measured at the exit to the tank.

Allen Bradley Announces Aquionics UV System

Allen Bradley PMO controls feature built-in data collection and reporting. The new PureLine PQ, with PMO controls package from Aquionics, provides third-party validated UV treatment for the dairy producing industry. The system contains built-in data collection and reporting compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s 2015 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance guidelines. PMO guidelines approved the use of UV for the continuous treatment and disinfection of incoming water sources, condensate of whey (COW), polished water, reverse osmosis (RO) water, permeate and pasteurized equivalent water (PEW).

Designed in partnership with automation specialist Allen Bradley, the new PureLine controls handle the complete fulfillment of PMO requirements, including inlet/outlet and divert valve control. The system uses variable power to ensure only the energy needed to meet the performance requirements is used. Aquionics PureLine PQ has a small footprint and is easily installed directly into existing pipework. PMO-required data can be accessed directly on the PureLine PQ touchscreen display, with no need for an external laptop. The PureLine system also features a USB port to download reports at any time.

Nikkiso Acquires AquiSense

AquiSense Technologies, Erlanger, Kentucky, the world leader in UV-C LED disinfection systems, has been wholly acquired by Nikkiso America, Inc in a cash deal. With over a half century of product development, Nikkiso has provided original technologies to a range of industries, including medical, aviation, life sciences and microelectronics. AquiSense and Nikkiso share a common goal of providing life-saving disinfection products employing UV-C LEDs. Nikkiso is a leading manufacturer of UV-C LEDs, utilizing core technology from Nobel Prize recipients. AquiSense is an award-winning manufacturer of water, air, and surface disinfection systems with UV-C LEDs at the core of each design.

This acquisition allows Nikkiso and AquiSense to accelerate market commercialization of disinfection products around the world. “We have been excited to see the innovative solutions at AquiSense enter a number of high value markets and look forward to supporting those efforts,” said Dennis Martin, CEO of Nikkiso America. Oliver Lawal, CEO of AquiSense said, “We have worked closely with a number of suppliers to integrate the best UV-C LEDs, and Nikkiso have consistently delivered strong product to us.” Lawal will continue in his role, together with Jennifer Pagan as CTO, and all other employees.

Xylem Systems Approved for Reuse Application

Xylem, San Diego, California, announced that its Wedeco LBX 850e and LBX 1500e ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems have received acceptance from the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water. These closed-vessel UV systems are now validated and approved for unrestricted reuse applications to meet the stringent water disinfection standards as required by Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

The acceptance of the LBX 850e and 1500e UV systems adds to the existing portfolio of Wedeco UV systems approved for Title 22 reuse applications including the LBX 90e, LBX 400e and LBX 1000e along with the open-channel TAK55 and recently approved open-channel Duron, the first Title 22 reuse approved disinfection system with an inclined lamp array.

“The approval by the state means that Xylem’s Wedeco brand can provide its customers in California and beyond with one of the broadest portfolios of approved UV disinfection systems for water reuse of any manufacturer,” said Richard Loeffler, Wedeco senior sales engineer for Xylem. “This allows us to partner with engineers and utilities to find the best water reuse solution that is both safe and sustainable.”

UV-C LED Water Disinfection System First to Receive NSF Lead-free Certification

AquiSense Technologies, the world leader in UV-C LED disinfection systems announces certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA) for its water disinfection system – PearlAqua™. WQA is an independent public health organization that tests and certifies a wide range of plumbing and drinking water treatment products. Specifically, the PearlAqua meets the stringent requirements of NSF/ANSI 372, which is accreditation for the scope of providing lead-free water and NSF/ANSI 61, which certifies the PearlAqua for safe drinking water.

PearlAqua was the first-to-market UV-C LED water disinfection system and continues this trend as it is the first UV-C LED system to receive NSF/ANSI certification. These certifications confirm that the PearlAqua provides clean water without the use of lead – which has contaminated water in a number of communities around the world.

“This is a significant step in our overall commercialization strategy,” said Oliver Lawal, AquiSense CEO. “It further validates that switching over to semiconductor-based technology is viable in providing equal or safer water quality. More to come!”